Family History

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Your grandparent's history

Your grandparent was a(n) from .

Year 1561

Your grandparents were born this year.

Year 1582

King Tarkalor and his wife the Feathered Horse Queen went to war with the Lunar Empire to aid the Old Tarshites, aided by Praxian and Esrolian mercenaries and volunteers. The Red Emperor personally led the Lunar Army and when the armies met at the Battle of Grizzly Peak, the Lunar Army swept the field with their vastly superior magicians. Both King Tarkalor and his Queen were killed.

Of special note, your parents were born by this year.

Your grandparent was present at the Battle of Grizzly Peak. Your grandparent was killed by Lunar spirits. Gain Hate (Lunar Empire).

1604 is the year of your adventurer's birth, unless you have chosen to be older or younger. Your adventurer will be 21 in 1625, the year this game is set.

Your parent's history

Your parent was a(n) from .

Year 1621

A Giant's Cradle floated down the Zola Fel to the sea. The Lunar army's attempts to seize it were thwarted by its defenders.

After more than two years of siege and tremendous cost in blood, treasure, and souls, the sacred fortress of Whitewall and its Orlanthi defenders fell to the Lunar army. The gods Orlanth and Ernalda were proclaimed dead and the Great Winter came to Dragon Pass, the Holy Country, and Prax. The Red Emperor decreed a full year of celebration.

Your parent froze to death during the Great Winter, making sure others were warm. Gain Love (Family) +20%.

Your History

An adventurer aged 21 in 1625 would have come of age in 1622.

Year 1622

The Red Emperor appointed Tatius the Bright as the Lunar governor-general of Dragon Pass, replacing Fazzur Wideread. King Broyan reemerged and his Hendriking tribe rose in rebellion, joined by many volunteers. Hordes of scorpion men emerged from Larnste's Footprint, serving the Chaos demigoddess called the Queen of Jab.

The Great Winter continued until the Battle of the Auroch Hills, when Broyan's rebel army ambushed and defeated the Lunar army by partially reviving Orlanth and Ernalda. The pro-Lunar queen of Esrolia was overthrown in a coup d'êtat and civil war erupted in that land.

You nearly froze to death during the second year of the Great Winter, but was kept alive by worshiping Oakfed to burn down local woods. Gain Hate (Aldryami).

Year 1623

The new Esrolian queen gained a new ally when King Broyan and his ragged army of volunteers arrived and defeated the Grazeland Horse Army (the Feathered Horse Queen was killed soon after by her own bodyguards). The Lunar Army arrived in Esrolia and besieged Queen Samastina and King Broyan in Nochet. In the north, a gigantic swarm of trolls, trollkin, insects, and darkness creatures crossed Dragon Pass en route to the Castle of Lead.

You killed a member of a neighboring clan who now seek vengeance. Gain Hate (rival clan).

Year 1624

A new planet (called the Boat Planet) appeared in the Sky, prophesizing doom and change. Harrek the Berserk and his Wolf Pirates arrived in the Holy Country after circumnavigating the world. They allied with Queen Samastina and King Broyan, and routed the Lunar Army at the Battle of Pennel Ford. During the battle, Orlanth was freed from the Underworld and the constellation called Orlanth's Ring appeared with additional stars and quickly rose to the top of the sky.

After the battle, Harrek's companion Argrath, a Sartarite from New Pavis, traveled with a small group of followers to the border of Sartar and Prax and summoned the Praxian demigod Jaldon Goldentooth to recognize him as the White Bull.

That winter, Harrek and Broyan sacked the City of Wonders. That same winter, Humakti killed the Lunar client, King Temertain of Boldhome.

A normal year.

Year 1625

The current year.

With the White Bull Society behind him, Argrath liberated Pavis from the Lunar Empire and was proclaimed King of Pavis. Argrath led his Praxian allies to Dragon Pass but was defeated by Lunar sorcery and retreated to Pavis. At the same time, King Broyan was killed by Lunar sorcery.

The Lunar Empire gathered thousands of magicians, priests, and nobles to consecrate the new Temple of the Reaching Moon and extend the Lunar Glowline over all of Dragon Pass. A group of Sartarite heroquesters led by Kallyr Starbrow invaded the Lunar ceremony and summoned a True Dragon beneath the temple. The dragon devoured the temple and the attendees; in minutes, most of the military and magical might of the Lunar Empire in the Provinces was annihilated.

The True Dragon then rose into the sky, revealing its impossible size - it was several kilometers long. It flew up high into the Middle Air towards the Red Moon. Millions of observers across Genertela witnessed the event; those in Peloria, Ralios, Kralorela, and the far West saw a "dragon-shaped cloud" obscure the Red Moon. Those closer saw and heard far more. Across Dragon Pass, ancient draconic powers and thoughts quiescent since the Empire of Wyrms Friends were awakened. In the Lunar capital of Glamour, the Red Emperor sacrificed much of his magic and power to drive the dragon back. The True Dragon spiraled around Dragon Pass, circled Mount Kero Fin and then returned to the huge crevice it had made where once stood the New Lunar Temple.

Kallyr Starbrow marched on Boldhome and proclaimed herself Prince of Sartar. A Lunar Tarsh army led by General Fazzur Wideread indecisively fought the Free Sartar Army. The Lunar Tarsh army retreated after Fazzur learned that King Pharandros (the King of Tarsh and Fazzur's nephew) had murdered many of Fazzur's kin and supporters while the mighty general was away campaigning. General Fazzur returned to Dunstop and gathered allies. In Old Tarsh, the Shaker Priestess appointed a new King of Wintertop, rather than allow Fazzur's son Onjur to become king.

You witnessed the Dragonrise and survived.

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